Together We Make A Difference

By investing in our students, you are investing in Maysville’s future. Ignite a child’s interest in education! You can help us make a difference.

The Education Foundation provides an opportunity for all to contribute to our quality of life and to help assure that our young people continue to have the types of educational experiences that produce successful citizens and leaders for the future. We welcome donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations. Every gift, regardless of the amount, is appreciated and recognized as an investment in our community and young people. All contributions are tax deductible.

2021 Scholarships Awarded

The Maysville Education Foundation presented scholarships at Maysville’s graduation ceremony on Friday, May 14. Those receiving scholarships were Jamie Townley, Ty Wilmont, and Cheyenne Belicek. Representing the Maysville Education Foundation were trustees Caleb Ivey, Vickie Foraker, Rhonda Blish and John Williams.